Adrian Kantor

What are the candidate’s experiences?

My motivation to run for treasurer stems from my experiences with overseeing budget and financial data for multiple organizations. For the past year, I have been the Maryland Deaf Community Center’s (MDCC) Business Manager. In this role I oversee the all the budget for the center to be built. I currently serve as the Treasurer for Gallaudet University Class of 1980, where I manage the funds for the events hosted at the reunion. As an auditor for the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf Alumni Association (PSDAA), I oversee and review their financial records monthly. All of the aforementioned has provided me with the expertise and understanding I need to successfully manage my finances, which is crucial.

What are the candidate’s activities in the deaf community?

I am involved in various activities for PSDAA:
-Newsletter Editor

PSD2020 Committee Leaders:
-Program Book/Ads

What does the candidate volunteer in the deaf community?

-Maryland Deaf Community Center
-Gallaudet University Homecoming Weekend
-Gallaudet University Class of 1980 Reunion Committee

What are the candidate’s goals to improve PSDAA?

-Grow more funds
-Establish more investments
-Promote who and what PSDAA is all about to new and existing members
– Increase the number of member enrollments