Grace Shirk-Emmons

What are the candidate’s experiences?

For the past 3 years, I have been on PSDAA Board. A Chair on the Constitution and Bylaws committee with PSDAA.I have been with PSAD from 2014 to 2018 as board member and President 2015-2017. I have been on many different organizations for about 40 years. Sometimes as a board member or as an officer.

What are the candidate’s activities in the deaf community?

I am involved with PSDAA, WPSD as a board member, member of KSCDSC, was a member of defunction DWSV-Deaf Women of Susquehanna Valley, participated in ERCHL as PSAD representative, Co-chaired PSAD Senior Citizens Getaway two years in a row and numerous deaf activities and organizations.

What does the candidate volunteer in the deaf community?

All I have listed above is always as a volunteer.

What are the candidate’s goals to improve PSDAA?

I believe we have made many inroads in improving PSDAA the past 3 years. Updating Constitution and Bylaws and setting up scholarship and student fund for the students. I feel we are still not finished with some of the work we wanted to set up for the future.