PSDAA Hall of Fame


Class of 2024 Inductees

Karen: Hello PSD Alumni, Friends and Families, Staff, Teachers and PSD Board of Trustees and the Deaf Community!

Karen: Karen Sheffer Averett, Class of 1977 representing (LAHoF) Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame committee

Joe: Joe McGinnis, Class of 1976 representing (SHoF) Sports Hall of Fame committee

Joe: On behalf of PSD Alumni Association Board, this is a special announcement to share names of Class of 2024 Hall of Fame inductees both for Sports and Lifetime Achievement.

Joe: We will have a dinner program to honor new inductees during PSD 200th Anniversary reunion weekend on June 21, 2024.

Joe: The inductees are as follows for Sports Hall of Fame:


Romaine Althea Hoshauer Jones – 1945
Kathy Mylin Oxenreider – 1974
Sandy Hertzler Vita – 1974
Billie Jo Robinson – 1986

Albert Duby – 1918
John Shirk – 1979
Linval Shakes – 1982
Thomas Lipyanic – 1983

Karen: Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame was formed around 2020 to recognize PSD alumni, staff and teachers for their outstanding professional/work and volunteer services. We had our first class of inductees, Class of 2020. Today I will announce the 3rd class of inductees, Class of 2024. Curious to find out who our new inductees are? I will list names in age chronological order.

They are as follows:

Lifetime Achievement

Charles “Chas” Boyd – 1916
Andrew Vasnick – 1926
Beatrice “Bebe” Kramer – 1932
Michael Weinstock – 1957
Carl Way – 1958
Melissa Draganac-Hawk – 1972
Richard “Rich” Rice – 1972
Jose Saldana – 1974

Karen: Please join us in congratulating Class of 2024 Hall of Fame inductees! We hope to see you at the 200th Anniversary reunion on June 20-23, 2024. To register for a combo ticket or individual ticket to Hall of Fame dinner program, more information can be found at this link.

Karen and Joe: See you soon!