Jacqueline Kanekuni

What are the candidate’s experiences?

 I am currently secretary for PSDAA and am interested in continuing to be secretary for another term. I find it very rewarding to continue to contribute my time toward PSDAA.

What are the candidate’s activities in the deaf community?

I am a president forever for Frederick Deaf Seniors and I am also board of Frederick County Commission for Disabilities. I am also currently PSDAA ‘s secretary. I serve as assistant chairperson for Sports Hall of Fame committee.

What does the candidate volunteer in the deaf community?

I volunteer coordinating Holiday Bazaar, attended alumni Day in 2022. I am helping PSD2020 with hotel and food selection. If there is opportunity to volunteer, I will.

What are the candidate’s goals to improve PSDAA?

My goal is always support PSDAA become strong organization that enables this organization to PSD and students. For students to be able to experience more opportunities that are being offered in Deaf Community and other deaf schools. I believe that with strong PSDAA organization supporting PSD will continue to provide best education to deaf students and bring them into the world ready and become strong leaders.