Jeannette Boice

What are the nominee’s experiences?

I am interested to run for the PSDAA Board Member position. I am currently served as a Vice President from 2018 to the Present. I volunteered to work with the committee of the PSD2020 Alumni Reunion Weekend. I am currently serving on the Berks Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services on the Board of Directors and involved in various committees.  I am a strong advocate for healthcare patients, and people who are dependents on drugs and alcohol. I am an auditor of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of Pennsylvania Advancement for the Deaf (PSAD). I was formerly the secretary for Allentown Chapter of PSAD. I attended Leadership Training in the Parliamentarian Process that was provided by PSAD. Also, I was  formerly a Board of Governor of Lancaster Deaf Club. 

What are the nominee’s activities in the deaf community?

I have been an ASL Teacher at Reading Community College for 21 years.  I also teach ASL at Berks Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center as well as teach and organize the Children’s Sign Camp. Also, I teach ASL at Montgomery Community College. I have experience with Team Interpreting. I have worked for more than 20 years tutoring and working “one on one” with students that have Intellectual Disabilities. I teach ASL at local high schools, Catholic schools, and various organizations such as Girl Scouts, etc. I am a current member of RID and ASLTA. 

What does the nominee volunteer in the deaf community?

I have been an active member of PSDAA for many years.  I am pleased to work with current President, June Goodwin while I am serving as Vice President of PSDAA for three years. I volunteered to get involved in fundraising events for various deaf organizations such as PSDAA Achievement Hall of Fame, PSD2020 Alumni Reunion weekend, etc. Several officers and I developed the draft of the PSDAA Code of Conduct form.  I love to help people. 

What are the nominee’s goals to improve PSDAA?

My goals are to help PSDAA raising money through fundraising events and to help PSDAA to recruit new members and to increase the number of members. My goals are to invest my energy in the PSDAA organization.  

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