Marilyn Basch

What are the nominee’s experiences?

In 2006 Marilyn was elected as Treasurer of the Alumni Association, a position she has held for 15 years. She graduated from Olney High School with a major in commercial courses specializing in bookkeeping and clerical work. She was immediately hired by New York Life Insurance as a bookkeeper and worked for ten years until she started her family. In 1975 she went back to work as a bookkeeper for Ashbourne Market, a well-known and popular gourmet food market in Elkins Park. She retired in 2002 after 27 years of employment. She is punctual in responding, manages the Alumni’s bank account, and pays the bills in a timely manner. Also, she is already familiar with the Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities. In addition, she writes thank-you notes to the donors. 

What are the nominee’s activities in the deaf community?

Marilyn has been a member of PSD Alumni Association for 49 years. She has been a member of Silent Athletic Club of Philadelphia, Inc. (SAC) for about 30 years. She served on the SAC Board of Trustees for many years and is currently serving as Member-at-Large on the Executive Board. She is a member of various organizations such as the Philadelphia Senior Citizens, Lancaster Senior Citizens, and Hebrew Association of the Deaf, Inc. 

What does the nominee volunteer in the deaf community?

Marilyn started as a circulation manager in 1972 when Lillian Hoshauer was the editor of the monthly newsletter. Under her leadership, the membership grew to about 1,500 during the 1970s. She still manages the Newsletter to this day, which includes printing, collating, folding, inserting into envelopes, adding address and return labels, and finally mailing them. 

What are the nominee’s goals to improve PSDAA?

Marilyn’s goal is two-fold which are to support PSDAA and to help PSD and its students with the fundraising efforts. Marilyn, herself, hard of hearing, had a deaf sister, Beatrice, who married Jack Gershman, a graduate of PSD Class of 1939. Marilyn’s husband is Dr. Jay Basch, also a PSD graduate (Class of 1948). Since Marilyn is very familiar with the deaf community as well as PSD’s Alumni Association, she’s a natural candidate to continue to serve in the Treasurer role for 2021-24.