Marsha Miceli

What are the candidate’s experiences?

Hello! My experience has mostly been in the educational setting as a teacher and various Administrative positions

As a college student I was a Student Assembly Secretary, Student Body Government Secretary as well as a sorority Recording Secretary.

What are the candidate’s activities in the deaf community?

Within the Deaf community+ I have involved with multiple organizations in the Metro-Washington area. I was involved in the D.C. area’s first huge Deaf Culture Festival.

After moving back to Philadelphia, I haven a member of Silent Athletic Club, Philadelphia Chapter Black Deaf Advocates ad Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement for the Deaf.

I am currently SAC Secretary and serving on the Deaf Hearing Communication Centre Board.

Also, I am a Co-Assistant Chair for the PSDAA PSD2020 Alumni Reunion coming up this June- 2024.

What does the candidate volunteer in the deaf community?

All of my activities listed above are on a volunteer basis.

What are the candidate’s goals to improve PSDAA?

I am aware that PSDAA Board meets via Zoom and I would like to ask that the Zoom Spotlight feature be used whenever a person speaks as to bring a better focus allowing one person to speak at a time.

One of the goals I have for PSDAA is to increase visibility for our Alumni and community. Allowing members to participate in PSDAA meetings as guest is one way. Posting PSDAA Minutes for PSDAA Alumni is another.

Another is to increase fundraising efforts to allow for extra funding to invest and support our Alma Mater.