Mike Krieger

What are the candidate’s experiences?

I was former PSDAA president 1998-2000 I m current Vice President 2021-2024 I loved the job.. it was an great experience working with those officers and the board people . I loved seeing the growth of success in PSDAA with many leaderships and seeing amazing teamwork in many different events. We do make this commitment to PSDAAA very seriously.. and we have grown to be the one working together in thousand ways.. I m very honor to serve and would want to continuing serve as a board member..
What are the candidate’s activities in the deaf community?

As of my job lately.. is to help President and many other officers and board members.. I also invest my time in psd alumni events which i enjoyed very much.. and also I hosted the event with Sara hosting price is right.. it was another amazing event.and also hosted hoilday bazzar, it was a such a great event too,, also i attended steve florio legency at phillies game.. I enjoyed very much making all deaf people enjoyable at any events and we all always be sure all of customers all happy and well served..
What does the candidate volunteer in the deaf community?

I do use volunteer of my time to serve events in deaf community PSDAA host events for socialize people and get to know each other and encourage them to join psdaa committees.. its a wealth experience for any of u ..
What are the candidate’s goals to improve PSDAA?

My goal for PSDAA is to grow more recongnition of this orgainization.. and growth of deaf community for all those deaf people to join and socialize/ work together..