PSDAA Officers

2024-2026 Term

Hello, I am June Goodwin.  I am Chair of the Nomination Committee for PSDAA 2024-2026.  Counting the votes with other two (2) persons, Robyn Miller and Edwin Allan.  Three of us completed the tally.
We are excited to announce the official officers:
President – Denise Brown
Vice-President – Grace Shirk-Emmons
Secretary – Jackie Kanekuni
Treasurer – Adrian Kantor
They won by acclamation.
Next, six (6) Board members competed.  Completed counting the votes.  Five (5) Board Members who won are Sue Beidleman, Mike Kreiger, Marsha Miceli, Karen Sheffer, Sara Wummer.
Congratulations to all Officers for PSDAA 2024 2026.  Good luck!