Message from President

My name is Denise Brown, and I am the president of PA School for the Deaf Alumni Association (PSDAA).  I am here to talk about PSDAA Alumni Day – Let’s RECONNECT on Saturday, May 21, 2022. There are some confusions regarding this event.  I would like to clarify – I had talked with Mr. Peter Bailey, Head of PSD regarding PSDAA Alumni Day.  Is it still ON?  YES, ABSOULTELY! Still ON

With understanding, we need to be aware of CDC guidelines – City of Philadelphia compliance – what are the requirements?

According to City of Philadelphia website – COVID guidelines, it states:

Masks are still strongly recommended in indoor public settings. If you want to use a mask, please feel free to use.  We will provide masks and hand sanitizers at several places.  Please respect other people and maintain distance. We would like to make sure there is enough room for everyone to mingle and be mindful of space.  We will use outside and indoor.   If it gets a bit crowded – for example: If you want to go to PSD Museum, there might be limited number of people going into the museum.  Please be patient. We want to make sure we are complying with City of Philadelphia and CDC.  I personally look forward to seeing you there.  Please come and join us on Saturday, May 21, 2022.  I am so excited that PSD allows us to use the facilities.  I would like to thank PSD for this.  See you there!

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