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President’s Report

President's Report


Welcome to the Cyber World!  PSDAA is finally updated with the current world by having a website, www.psdalumni.org.  I am very grateful to have had Joseph McGinnis, Class of 1976, who has volunteered setting up PSDAA website and PSDAA Facebook in cooperation with Joshua Beckman, PSD employee.  While constructing the website, I have been working closely with Joe.  Some are still under construction. Please be patient with us as the work in filling blank spots will be completed soon in a timely manner.  PSDAA/PSD2020 fund-raising events will be posted gradually. 

I am also grateful to have PSDAA officers to work with Jenny Strunk, PSD 2020 Chairperson-Class of 1984, Marsha Miceli, Assistant-Class of 1970, and Sara Wummer, Assistant-Class of 1982, planning and setting up the PSD 2020 fund-raising events so far.  More detailed information about the fund-raising events will be forthcoming.

Enjoy browsing the website.  Thank you for your support.


Best regards,

June A. Goodwin

President, PSDAA-Class of 1970


Announcement from Jenny Strunk, Chair - PSD2020 Alumni Reunion Weekend (June 24 - 28, 2020). Exciting and memorable events are being planned. We hope you will be able to join us. For more information, please email PSD2020info@gmail.com. See you there! Thank you!

Posted by PSD 2020 Alumni Reunion on Sunday, June 30, 2019