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   Formation of PSD Sports Hall of Fame

   In the Spring of 1981 the P.S.D. Sports Hall of Fame committee was formed by the Alumni Association. The idea was first conceived by Mr. Pinky Kahn, a non-alumnus, a few years back. Dr. Basch was appointed by then Alumni President, Randy Fisher, To head a special committee to formalize plans for this special events. The first annual induction ceremony was held at the P.S.D. Sports Banquet on May 18, 1982 at Gilpin Hall. Three outstanding school athletes of yesteryear, Walter Sheppard, Anna Shopa Gawronski, and Thomas Christine, were inducted into the P.S.D. Sports Hall of Fame that first year. 

 The first Sports Hall of Fame Ad-hoc committee meeting was held in  Morris Hall at P.S.D. in May 17, 1981. There were only eight people,  Eugene Kier, LeRoy Gerhard, Harry Suckle, Harold Koch, Carolyn Bond, Nancy Tomar, Randy Fisher and Jay Basch. Henry Minnick, Helen Coley and Pinky Kahn came to the next meeting  in June.