May 23, 2024


Video Description:

Background of PSD current campus with Bell Tower and then close up of a white woman standing with ponytails wearing PSD2020 navy blue shirt, PSD navy blue jacket, and black pants in the Alumni Park.


Hello I am Denise Brown, President – Pennsylvania School for the Deaf Alumni Association (PSDAA). Come to Alumni Day on Saturday, June 22, 2024 from 10 am to 3:30 pm.  

Activities and plans during Alumni Day: more than 23 vendors; tours guided by PSD students; PSD Museum; Lunch; PSD Alumni Program; PSD Students’ skits; Panthers Song; Head of Schools’ Remarks; Introduction of former Presidents of PSDAA.

Hmm, let me think (while looking at a stone. Upclose shot of Class of 1984’s class stone). Year 1984 – what is so special? 40th year! Can you imagine that? Wow, time flew by so quickly – 40 years! Come to Alumni Day. We have a SURPRISE FOR YOU! COME AND HAVE FUN! 

(Denise walking away; camera showing all the stones around a tree at PSD’s Alumni Park).

May 20, 2024


Description: Brown-haired blue-eyes with glasses in PSDAA2020 navy shirt with white blinds in background.

Hello! I am Grace Shirk-Emmons, PSDAA board member.  I am letting you know what will be happening at Mt. Airy during PSD2020 event on Friday, June 21, 2024.

9:15 and 10:15 am buses will arrive at Nevil Vocational School (NCC sanctuary) with the understanding that only those with combo tickets can ride on the bus. We will have an ice breaker and social time in between bus arrivals.

For the rest of the day, we will have Larry Taub, our former head of school give remarks, Trivia with Barry Goodman, and Mt.Airy history with Jenny Strunk, our board member and Chair of PSD2020.

Lunch at 12-12:45 pm and after that, feel free to look round the campus. There are building restrictions.  Not all buildings are open to us. Wissinoming Hall is definitely off the books.  

At 2 pm, all come and meet up at Cresheim Hall, we will have photos taken.

3 pm first round of buses leave the campus for the hotel 

4 pm second round of buses (last group) will leave for the hotel

Trivia question:

What year was the Nevil Vocational School established at PSD (Mt. Airy)?

See you there! 


May 10, 2024



Hiiii! I’m Jenny Strunk, Chair of PSD 2020 Alumni Reunion for June 20-23, 2024. You know where – in front of Gilpin Hall. Our gym for all the basketball games, softball and baseball practices indoors, wrestling meets, and many different activities. Hope you can join us here on Friday, June 21 from 10 – 3 p.m. Our committee will explain more about our plans for that day so come seize the day. 
Camera pans over a beautiful green landscape of trees and grass on the Mt. Airy campus with Wissinoming Hall, and Wingohocking Hall in the far background before arriving in front of a building with stones and large blocks with a large wrought iron light scone. In front of the double doors under the heading of Gilpin Hall stands a Caucasian woman with short curly hair and glasses wearing a navy blue PSD2020 polo shirt with a Panther on it that says PSD2020 Alumni Reunion on the top of the Panther and the date June 20-23, 2024 under it. After her message, the camera continues to pan the campus, passing another wrought iron light scone, more trees and green landscaped grounds. The video ends near the Ben Hur bridge.

April 22, 2024


White woman with gray hair and glasses showing a navy-blue polo shirt with PSD2020 Panther Logo on a hanger with the date June 24-28, 2020. She tosses it aside and shows herself wearing a navy-blue polo shirt with the same PSD2020 logo but with a different date: June 20-23, 2024. She is in a pink room with white doors behind her.

(Ditching a shirt on a hanger)That was 4 years ago after so much planning and COVID struck 4 months before our reunion when everything started to shut down. We were frustrated and had to return the money back to everyone who registered. Now I am wearing a new shirt after all we’ve been through and now have 7 weeks left to go. 

I am Sara Wummer, Co-Assistant Chair for PSD2020 Alumni Reunion. As you know, the $275.00 Combo fee is good until April 30th. Take the opportunity to get your tickets before then. Starting May 1st, the Combo fee will change to $325.00 until June 1st. Still alive! For more information email (mail to:  For further information about Registration Combos or Individual tickets, check out (     
Right now, it’s $275.00 til May 1st and it will change to $325.00. Individual tickets will remain the same. Still alive! Both Combo and Individual Tickets for different events expire on June 1st. Looking forward to us getting together once in a lifetime to socialize this June. Look forward to seeing you there!

April 22, 2024


Hi I am Jackie and I am secretary for PSDAA and am on the committee
for PSD2020.  Time is getting closer!  I am responsible for the hotel
and transportation  Today,  we will talk about hotels.   We reserved
Hilton and Homewood.  Both hotels are right next to each other.
Hilton has a king bed and two double beds and cost 169 dollars for
both types of rooms.   Hilton has
valet parking which costs 15 dollars or self parking at 13 dollars.
Hilton has an on site restaurant and all the events will happen at
Hilton.   The Internet is not free unless you join hilton honors  and
I do encourage you to join.   Homewood has two different rooms.   189
dollars for studio and 209 for suite including breakfast, only has
self parking cost 13 and free internet.   Make sure to click our link
with codes  and it will show the discount. If you use your app, the
discount won't show up.
Please contact me if the link doesn't work or you have any question or
concern, please contact me at ????
Now Trivia question:  How long Lauren clerc worked at PSD as a principal?
Come and I cannot wait to see you all!

March 17, 2024

White male with short hair and glasses. Wearing a light gray t-shirt saying Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. Sitting in kitchen and have while background with a green plant)
Hi everyone. I am Mike Krieger. I graduated PSD ’82. Also Vice President of PSDAA and Also I am responsible for PSD2020 volunteer coordinator. If you are interested to participate in or help. I appreciate it. Contact- how- Email
Work. Look like. Example. Thursday Friday Saturday varied activities. Morning. Afternoon. Pm. You prefer. Work example. Registration- security- check bracelets. Varied duties Important. Contact me then I’ll reach out to you and we will be united together. I look forward to it. 4 years plan and now 4 months.
Who set up many deaf schools in Africa?


February 14, 2024


White female with medium length wavy hair wearing a black turtleneck top. Sitting in front of
windows and plants with part of the kitchen over to one side. 

Marsha Miceli, PSD2020 Co-Assistant Chair:
Good morning, everyone!  Happy Feb! Happy (Philly) February! Happy February!
Hope all is good with you all. Feels like time has flown. Feels like only yesterday I was wishing
everyone a Happy New Year yet, January has come and gone. February is here in our faces!
Time is getting closer to our special event in June 2024 for our Alumni Reunion. 
Please know that all monies from donors, sponsors and any leftover registration funds will go to
our school, PSD, (PSDAA/PSD2020) Scholarship Program for our students and PSDAA funds
as start-up money for future uses such as future alumni reunions.
Now, we have to realize there are many things we can learn about PSD. 
Know that the $275.00 Registration includes Transportation provisions. Bring your car, park it
and forget about it. This is for those of us who purchase Combo Registration tickets that
includes bringing us to/from Broad and Pine, to visit PSD (PIDD)’s first campus, the next day
transportation will be provided to/from Mt Airy which is the second campus built for PSD and
finally, to/from PSD’s current campus in Germantown. Come and enjoy the sights in
The $275.00 Early Bird expiration date is on February 29th, Leap Year. 
Please come, get ready to pay and get your tickets, join us and learn with us!
Do you realize that Gallaudet Campus has had two buildings named after our PSD/PIDD
Alumni? I never knew that!
Do you know where Thomas Gallaudet was born? Didn’t know that either!
Come and find out!  
Hope to see you soon!  
Thanks for watching me.

February 10, 2024


Description: White female with short gray hair and glasses with a light gray pullover and red vest. Hands folded in front surrounded by
houseplants and a red poinsettia in the background)
Hello! Hello everyone! 
I am Sara Wummer and I serve on the PSDAA Board as Treasurer as well as the PSD2020 Alumni
Reunion Co-Assistant Chair. 
The time is getting closer to this June and hoping it’s nothing like what happened three years ago
with the pandemic and refunds were all returned. 
This time we are so looking forward to this upcoming event. 
At this time, the Registration Combo rate is $275.00. This is a good deal. The deadline has been
extended to February 29th, 2024.  Hope you all will come to gather and enjoy a few days
together.  As for, “Who is Going?” If you noted on the Registration Form under your address, you can
check either yes or no to be listed on the website. Click:      (We are working to add the names as
soon as possible). 
If there are any questions please feel free to contact me, Marsha 
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!  
Hope to see you all there!

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