PSDAA New Officers Elections 2021-2024


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Election Time! It's very important!! Please vote!!!

Please read the instructions carefully.

  • Every member of the PSD Alumni Association recorded as of March 1, 2021, is permitted and encouraged to vote on the ballot. 
  • One online voting per Member! For Couple membership, two (2) online voting polls are used for each one to vote. Otherwise, for Single membership, one (1) online voting poll is used for one to vote. 
  • If you want to know more about any of the candidates, you can click View button to read their profiles (background) on this webpage. 
  • You have an option of voting online. Remember: you can only do one or the other – mail in a ballot or vote online, not both! 
  • For the mail-in ballot,  please sign your name as well as print your name on the ballot.  For the online ballot, you must fill out your full name and email address. The election committee will contact you to address any technical issues.
  • For every office except the Board, please check one circle only. 
  • For the Board, please check up to five boxes and no more. 
  • For the mail-in ballot, please fold the ballot, insert it in the enclosed self-addressed envelope, seal the envelope, place a stamp on it, and then mail it immediately. DEADLINE: April 25, 2021!
  • For the online ballot, the online ballet runs from March 7, 2021 to April 25, 2021. The online ballot  will be deactivated after the deadline. 

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