PSDAA Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame

Fifth Campus 1984 - Present

FORMATION OF P.S.D. Lifetime Achievement HALL OF FAME

June Goodwin, former president of PSDAA and PSD2020 Chair, Jenny Strunk, and Assistant Co-Chairs, Marsha Miceli and Sara Wummer and other committee members visited the American School for the Deaf (ASD) during their 200th Anniversary in 2017, we learned about ASDAA’s Achievement Hall of Fame.  In 2018, the PSD2020 planning team agreed we wanted to create the Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame for PSDAA.

June chaired this committee developed Initial guidelines.  Original members include: Domonic Gordine, Gina Procopio, Jenny Strunk, and Peggy Antal. Committee members were tasked to research the candidates and the voting system was created by Joseph McGinnis. PSDAA approved the final draft.

Votes for the first Class of 2020 Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame Inductees are: Lillian MacCain Hoshauer, Dr. Elizabeth Moore, April Nelson, Joette Paulone, Frank J. Nemshick, Jr., Dr. Harvey J. Corson, Dr. Jay Basch, and Steven A. Florio.

PSDAA Lifetime Achievement HOF Committee


Jenny Strunk


Karen Sheffer Averett

Assistant Chair

Marsha Miceli

Committee Member

Domonic Gordine

Committee member