Susan Beidleman

What are the candidate’s experiences?

My experiences are reliable, hard working person, responsible and mature team worker at my work (Day-Timers over 30 years), some deaf clubs (over 30 years) and some organizations (PSDAA, PSAD, NAD and others).
What are the candidate’s activities in the deaf community?

My activities in the deaf community are attending many events to meet old and new friends, attending PSAD (PA State Association of the Deaf) conferences and NAD (National Association of the Deaf) conferences, and being some officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and board members) in some organizations.
What does the candidate volunteer in the deaf community?

I do volunteer in many different ways in the deaf community like leadership, planner for socials, presenter to give workshops in the deaf clubs, senior citizens center and events.
What are the candidate’s goals to improve PSDAA?

My goal to improve PSDAA is to get former PSD Graduates and some people who left PSD to join PSD Alumni Association. I encourage them to be proud of PSD Alumni.